Air-Conditioner Cleaning and Engineering
Air-Conditioner Cleaning and Engineering:

Smart Home provides the full range of A/C Services including air-conditioner cleaning, Maintenance, Repairing, Refrigerant Refilling and Installation.  We can also provide you with purchasing advice. With the knowledge and experience gathered thorough the years, our licensed technicians will be able to satisfy your home needs and keep your air con working at full capacity.

Window mounted A/C servicing procedures:
When it comes to window mounted air-conditioner cleaning, our team will:
  • Test the temperature and operation of the air-conditioner before cleaning;
  • Remove the air-conditioner and clean it in a designated area inside the client's home, or take it to our workshop for cleaning
  • We will clean the filter and front cover of the A/C;
  • Use professional cleaning detergents to clean the fan-coil;
  • Apply high pressure washing methods;
  • Return the air con back to its original position;
  • Test again the temperature and functions again;
Split system A/C servicing procedures:
If you have a split system at home and require air-conditioner cleaning, we will:
  • Check all dismantled parts and refrigerant systems (If there is evidence of water leak, extra charges will be apply);
  • Disinfect and sanitise the surface of the indoor cooler unit and filters;
  • Clean blower wheels, blades and the indoor cooler drain pipe
  • Spray the indoor cooler unit with special sanitising and cleaning agents
  • Upon completion the customer is required to re-arrange scaffolding work if necessary
Special Promotion:

A/C cleans (window-type) - Starting from $1500 for 3 units (avg. $500/unit)
A/C cleans (split-type) - Starting from $1800 for 3 units (avg. $600/unit)
A/C inspection and simple repairs - $400 up