Maid Service

  • What type of services does a maid provide?

    Ans: Typically they will be responsible for regular houseworks, such as Laundry and Ironing. They will also be responsible for cleaning of kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc. However, due to safety and insurance reasons, there are a few type of works cannot be handled by our maids as follows:-
    • Laundry by hand
    • Floor cleaning without providing a mop (ie. Clean by hand)
    • Cleaning the outside of a window without a properly installed window frame
    • Cleaning area that can only be reached by additional tool/equipment (eg. Ladder/chair)
    • Cleaning items that needs to be disambled and resambled (eg. Kitchen / bathroom vents, fans). Note: the surface of the items can be cleaned by will not be disambled and clean the inside of it
    • Cyrstal and other decorated lightings

  • Without an ID number, how would I identify the assigned maid?

    Ans: According to the privacy ordinance from HKSAR, we cannot provide the HKID number to our customers. However, we can provide the name and mobile number of our maids for your verification.

  • I’ve purchased a service package, but I don’t think the assigned maid satisfy my needs, what should I do?

    Ans: All you need to do is to call and consult with our representatives. We will assign another maid to your location for your next service session without any additional fee.

Pre Move-In / Post Renovation / Deep Cleaning Service

  • What’s the difference is this service compare to regular maids?

    ns: Regular maids and Pre Move-In / Post Renovation / Deep Cleaning workers obtains completely different professional skill sets. Regular maids provides services such as laundry, ironing, cooking, basic cleaning (basic dust removal). Our Pre Move-In / Post Renovation / Deep Cleaning workers are capable of works such as stain removal and sterilization. In other words, they have all the necessary skills to clean all area within a premises.