Professional Doula / Nanny Service
Baby Sitter / Nanny Service Introduction

We truly understand how important your baby is. Due to our everyday busy lives, we have very limited time to take care of our own babies and baby-sitters are often needed. It is vital to hire the right baby sitter for your family. You want someone who is reliable, organized, friendly, and experienced. Our database is designed to assist families in Hong Kong to find a quality babysitter. Whether if you need a baby sitter for a few hours or up to a few months, we can help!

At a rate of $95-120 per hour (Location surcharge might apply), with a minimum of 4 hours each time, we provide experienced baby-sitters who can baby-sit while at the same time to help you with your housework. The standard service hour is from 9:00AM to 6:00PM, Monday to Sunday. Just give us a call 2 days in advance for reservation. Please email or whatsapp (5544-4280) your detailed information to us for a quick enquiry.

Why we need Doula?

During the period short after a woman giving birth, she needs to take care of the new family member while her body isn’t fully recovered. The sudden change often times causes stress and depression. Physically, the woman’s body will be at a stage with changes such as high metabolism and abnormal hormonal activities. Our Doula service will be able to relief the workload the mother has by helping her to take care of the newborn baby and provide appropriate diet and other assistance she needs for her.

Characteristics of Smart Home Doula referral service:
  • All Doula were professionally trained and obtain certificates of "natal training course" provided by ERB.
  • Quality referral Service for quick and easy referrals (At least 3 Doula for screening).
  • Specific officer will be assigned for each referral case.
  • We provide optional insurance coverage to fully protect all parties.
  • A $500 administration fee will be charged upon registration, such fee will be deducted from the Doula service charge after successful referral.
  • Client can negotiate service fee and pay to the Doula directly.
  • A $2,000 or 10% of Doula’s monthly fee (whichever is higher) administration fee will be charged after succession of referral.
  • With over a hundred successful referrals, we guarantee at least one Doula can be arranged within 2 days (48 hours).